My Map Journey



In this project, I designed myself map journey in order to introduce myself. I think this project is a good way to show what is my hometown like, my daily life in china, the location of my hometown and the distance to Winchester. At the first, from the first lecture, we learn how to design a map and get some link to learn more skills.

Myself research

First step

My hometown map

In myself research, firstly, I find out my hometown map because I want to find some features on that. I research some main parts of my daily life. Two factories, childhood life, high school life and current home. It is important for me so I just show these places by using abstract shapes and lines.

Second step
Underground oil pipeline

I thought that in my hometown, the petroleum pipelines are the features of my hometown. So, I think the line is a good way to show my hometown.


I use shapes and lines and some pipelines samples on the map.

Five places draft

I have finished the five parts of my hometown. And then I have put it on the one page. I connected them together but I think it doesn’t represent my emotion and feeling on my map.

Third step

Robert Plutchik
‘s Wheel of Emotions.

I found a research from this emotion wheel. I thought this is a good method to display myself feeling. I combined the feeling colours and map.

Emotion of my hometown

The white place is one of the factories. I use white is because I cannot see the daylight on the worker. The yellow instead of joy. I spend whole childhood in this place.

I divided these places with different colors. These colors also represent my feelings and feelings about these places. The whole map is composed of lines and graphics. This is also my favorite expression. And the reason I use these two elements is because my hometown was born as a petroleum transfer station. Therefore, the route of the oil pipeline is the line of the road to the home. The circle in the middle is the hub of the oil pipeline. It is also the roundabout of the road. The black background is because most of the oil pipelines in my hometown are in the dark underground.

The first one is the white area above, and it is also a factory in my memory. I use white to represent the day, because I can’t see the night in the factory workers. I remember the lights in front of their factory. Always on.

The second one is my childhood. I use yellow to represent joy. When I was a child, I lived with my grandparents. The community has many companions, so I am very happy.

The third is my high school life. The color I use represents vigilance. Because we are a special subject in China, we don’t need to learn the college entrance examination knowledge, but also learn art knowledge. So much insomnia, depression.

The fourth is where I live now. I use green because I am here to make me feel comfortable.

The last one is the most important place in my hometown, and it is also the place where my map is inspired. This is a petrochemical plant. I don’t have a good impression of this place, so I used blue. This chemical plant accounts for one-third of my hometown. I can see that the waste is excluded from this chemical plant every day. It brought economics to my hometown, but the air quality has dropped.

Fourth step: Photo

I changes the photographies colour scheme in order to be similar with the same place. I use it because I want to let audience know what people usually do in those places.



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