Conditional Design

This project is carried out on an individual basis. Although you will do some of the development work in small teams.
The project is concerned with Conditional Design (CD). You are introduced to this in the first two weeks of the module. The project has three deliverables:

1 Process: A record of your CD activities – workshops, further reading/research etc;
2 Create: A new CD workshop conceived by your project team and run in the class in week 2.
3 Present: An artefact documenting items 1 & 2. The format and media is up to you. There are some ideas listed later in this brief.


What is conditional design?

Separate these two words. Conditional: It is a result of the operative. Design: Focus through a set of deliberate moves, a system of options, multiple iterations. Combining these two words. It has three main parts: process, logic, input. In process part, a sentence is impressive “process is the process”. This means that process is more important than product. Logic is a method for “accentuating and ungraspable”. It is attractive and it can make designers go crazy.  The last one is our material named input. We need to consider about our environment. 

Test small game

About our workshop, we have make three games on Monday workshop. Comparing these three games, the first one result has a strong impact visual and the game rule is simple and can make people understand clearly. The third game is more participatory. In other words, different groups have different thought and the final works are totally different. However, the second game rule is hard to under that at first, it needs people to explain that and our group completion is not very good.

Our group new game

My own thought test


Game rules:

•A triangle of different colours in each person’s hand.

•Stick to the edge of the triangle of the previous person when pasting one at at a time

•The colour between two triangles cannot be repeated.


It is very hard to continue the work. So, I need to stop this game and then improve the game rules.

  1. No final purpose such as what shape or size.
  2. Triangles should be uniform in size and shape.


Game rules:

•Everyone has a right-angled triangle of the same size in different colours.

•Using first left way and then right way to combine them.

•Stick to the edge of the triangle of the previous person when pasting one at time. Until combine into a 297*297 square.

•The colour between two triangle cannot be repeated.

•If someone cannot continue and stop but other continue. The stop person can wait until the second person stop.


  1. The role way of the square need to be changed because it will be continue again and again. No meaning.
  2. No limit size.


Game rule:

•Everyone has right-angled triangles of the same size in different colours.

•Stick to the edge of the triangle of the previous person when pasting one at time until combined into a large square.

•Using clockwise way to combine them.

•The colour between two triangles cannot be repeated.


This game rule is better than first and second. I think I can talk this game rule in my group and listen other people game rules. At last, choose a best one and then explore.

03/10/2019 Tutorial

Before this tutorial, we have discussed the game and we came up with two ideas. In this picture it has two visual about two ideas.


  1. More tests
  2. Try different shapes
  3. Visual style is also important

04/10/2019 Group test

From tutorial and combine our game rule, we thought four new game and we test them.


Game rule:

•Everyone has right-angled triangles of the same size in different colours

•Stick to the edge of the triangle of the previous person when pasting one at time until combined into a large square. 

•The colour between two triangles cannot be repeated.


This game rule is unsuccessful because:

  1. The way of pasting role is difficult to understand
  2. No limit frame
  3. If someone stop for a long time, they cannot enjoy the game.


Game rules:

•Same shape and size right-angled triangles

•Each person has a right triangle with the same shape but each person’s paper colors is different.

•Start from any corner of each sheet and splicing along the edges.

•When you paste, you need to have one side that is connected.

•Adjacent colors cannot be repeated 

•The colour repeats the game end or no repeat stitching until the end of the entire paper game. 


This game is successful because 

  1. This rule is better than the first one. They can stop by themselves and they can make someone stop.
  2. People can join in the rule. The first rule when people stop the people need to stop for a long time. 


Game rule:

•No limit rule, everyone no limit paste picture

•Irregular triangle

•When second person paste, then shape side need to have one side that is connected


This game is totally unsuccessful and we cannot continue because it is boring and we don’t know how to show them out. It doesn’t have meaning to ourselves.


Game rule:

•First person draw an irregular frame when fill the whole paper and then the game over.

•The shape can be everything.

•Two adjacent triangles colour can not repeat.


When the shape come out, it can be became different shape and colour. Our team also like this game rule.

We choose the rule between second and fourth game rule. But we decide to use second game to show people because it has regular and more rule to play and we think the game four is normal and people will play it in long time. So, we decide game two to let other people play.

07/10/2019 Second Workshop

Our group workshop:

We played other group game:


We have played other group game. One of the game rule is impressive is that participants game. Because of the game is enjoyable and when the game finished, all groups have different powerful visual impact. Compare our team game, I think our game final result are similar with each other. Our game rule is too simple and we didn’t tell others about an idea in the game. What we think is that they can think about unity or attacking someone so that caused the rules of the game to be simple. 

Reflection: thinking

From our group game and compare other groups game rules. I think our game rule is too simple and it cannot spend long times because if it takes long time, the final result will be alike. So, I explore the game to think how to let people play it. I increased the difficulty of the game rules. I also think reduce time and then motivate people join it. Therefore, I design a campaign and promote people when they wait for the bus, restaurant or other public place. They can play it. This will be like an invitation, it is small and it can put everywhere. People can play this game to spend boring time. 

This leaflet has two functions. One is invitation and the other function is people can play on the left of paper. It is the back page.

Because I also need to record my whole conditional design process. So, I design a booklet and at the last page of the publication, I stick a folder at the last page in order to put the invitation in the publication.

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