Design thinking 30, Oct, 2019

The process of thinking is design thinking, changing thinking, changing the way of design thinking, encouraging people to explore, and discovering new solutions outside of existing programs. Users have different cultures and different ways of thinking. The best way is to let observation Direct understanding.
Direct observation can be directly linked to the next event. Empathy is produced. The problem solver is more likely to solve the problem, new ideas, and solutions will be generated. Designers turn this idea into a simple model through this series of thoughts and then into practice.
Ideate, prototype, test is a circular system and this circle helps designer gain a great value.

Why design thinking?
• Multidisciplinary language: better cooperation and communication
“greater creativity, better solution”
• World problem is simple and manageable with design thinking.
Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test

Modern design thinking needs to be combined with modern technology and business. Sometimes your intuition is more important than design. In other words, in your design, you have to think of yourself as a consumer, thinking about what I want to get from design and what I see. Because, self, the center of commercial design It is around the customer, the customer’s needs are the most important consideration for the designer. The design is more and more simple and convenient, and the customer is easier to operate.

Designer’s challenge:
• Accept more comments and criticism
• Accept risk
• Change target

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