Project 2, I extracted the bicycle data of the elderly group from our group data and studied their one day, preferences and opinions on cycling. From the persona aspect, I drew my simulation in the form of an illustration model, because I think, this will be more clear and more intuitive to express my theme. By using data and proportions expressed in flat elements. Before crits, I put the contents of empathy map into persona and that method is wrong, and then renewed research, study, re-edit. After the crits, re-added goals, hobbies, likes and dislikes and deleted the contents of the previous empathy map. The technique I use for one of User modeling is experience journey. In my first thought, I just summarized big data and didn’t take into account the deeper meaning. So, in this part, I interviewed, I understand Older people who ride bicycles like to do things, then make things into a route. Use small elements to explain the subtitles of each part. Then mark their feelings between points.

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