Bill Verplank’s opening keynote talk

This process divides a few points to explain the design process.
The first point he used several videos to show the design of manual design and technology integration. From his overall speech, I think the most important point is that sketching is important. His whole speech is to use the illustration method and then all parts is connected. First of all, he said that”Thinking with pencil”. (Verplank, 2011) He drew three questions: How do you do? How do you feel? How do you know? There is a point between the first point and the second is world. He said that “designer connect people to world. (Verplank, 2011) This is really a requirement for designers, because I feel that more and more designs are appearing now. The designer’s goal is to find problems and then design, just like user center design, the designers focus on the public. This process is also the process of interaction, such as sketching. He said that there is a lot of tools and messages. It is like a switch. Knowing is maps, each step can be in no order, and there is no problem, is a process of sorting out the order and in this part he distinguishes between path and map.

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