Don Norman’s book Emotional Design

From this article, I summary some points from what I have read.

Human attributes results have three levels: visceral level, behaviour level and reflection level. These three levels are progressive and they are biological origins in brains. The reflection level is the highest level. Also, this level is the difference point between animals and human because the human can evaluate themselves when they achieve a goal. The human will think back and they also can improve the process and then make the goal more successful than before such as phone is constantly updated because of the techniques growing and communicate with people and get feedback. Besides that, when companies have same problems, they can use their own experiences to solve these problems. This process also called human being highest thought.

These three levels will interact with a new part is modulating the others. It means that human will have a standard to judge. This part has two aspects: cognitive and affective. Cognitive is meaning and affective is assign value. The affective aspect is evaluating how we think, we have two emotion: positive and negative. The difference between each other is detail. The negative will bring bad emotion and then make people focus more details to develop the topic. In contrast, the positive aspect will distract with details, people will effective learning organism. In design process, the brainstorming stage will use positive emotion and then when finish the creative stage, the negative emotion will work because designer need to focus on their design work.

The prepared brain, the first level, visceral level plays an important role. Visceral level + cognitive also has two emotion sides: negative and positive. The other two aspects, human will use their own experiences to evaluation and improvement.

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