Summer brief

Brief: Repeat life

“Repeat life” is the memory of my hometown. In my memory, I don’t have any entertainment to relax such as after school, work and etc. I always do same things every day. Other people are similar as me, it sounds like a machine. So, I think this is an interesting point to introduce my hometown. I can tell people how I repeat my daily life.

First and Second toolkit

At first, this project I use video to record what people do same things in a day. Here is my video process screen shot. I put video in the Polaroid frame. I get this inspiration because I used Polaroid method to photo my hometown because I think it has vintage style. On the right side, I set a clock in order to show the day time. And under the clock I put abstract shapes because when the graphic shapes moving, people can image what it is.

First toolkit: Polaroid photo
Second toolkit: screen shot about video

Voice record I want to let people guess what it is. The voice record my hometown local accent, insects at night and morning excises.

Third toolkit

About the third toolkit, I just combined abstract shapes and some elements of photo. I design four post cards. I used dialect, famous history Architecture and daily life. I use this toolkit because I want to motivative people buy these like a souvenir. Let people not forget this place.

Third toolkit: Postcard

I also want to using these four postcard sample to make a motivate posters. I using photoshop to put them on the bus station as advertisements.

Third toolkit: Advertisement campaign

I get the third inspiration from Recomponer. His design work using dark colour scheme and abstract shapes and texture and then combine them together. Here is his link and example:

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