This semester, we have 5 project to let us understand what does our profession do. Project 0, we introduce our journey by using map method. Project 1, we learn what is conditional design. We have a group, from the small workshop, we come up a new game idea. After that, we document our game process in order to develop our own reflection. Project 2, we have team work about collect data and then from our data create persona and other two user experience. Project 3, we learn before design an app, what need to do. Phone model and wireframe is necessary in this project. Also, prototyping with our target audience is an interesting stage at the end of the project. Project 4’s technology is basic on project 3, we have a digital app mockup. This project, we have to research street art and think about our target audience and then think about what information do they really want to get.  Second, about the wireframe learning, I think it is really necessary for me. At first, I have to list what function should I need. After that, I can put them in right order in wireframe in order to check whether any function I had lost and it can add some note about buttons, moving ways, etc. On the other hand, it is convenient that use it to show audience, get their feedback. When I design digital mockup, I will design efficiently.


At first, I didn’t really understand what should I do in our course. After every workshop, I learned the points on blogs, I can understand what we need to do in next step from every new sights. We have learned conditional design, emotion design, also, we learned every professional knowledges in every blog task. How to interact target audience? How to get audience empathy? I think the most interesting part is draw your ideas. It doesn’t like brainstorming, we can sketch our idea, and express our mind. From first drawing step, refine some good point and then expand these good points. Thirdly, the process of interview is good for me to summary my data. In my undergraduate design life, I don’t think it is necessary. I can just use internet resource and then design a project. However, I cannot just dependent on internet now, I have to ask target audience what they think because I realize in this speciality course, communication is really important. Interacting target audience is the purpose of every project.


Project 1, I have learned that the team work is necessary, we can come up different ideas. I can get a lot of inspirations for classmates opinions. Although, our game is not successful, we document our game testing, compare other groups game rules and reflect our group each process and develop the game. Therefore, in this project, I think reflection can improve my own design work. Specially, in the project 2, in the conditional design, I have to reflect our game and then thought what stage I can improve. This process I try to use myself as a target audience. It is important that public will play this not only myself. I need to consider the public emotion after they play the game.From Project 3 and Project 4, these two projects, I understand how to design an app from target audience such as questionnaire, interview, wireframe, audience testing. Audience testing is really necessary because I need to get their feedback to evaluate my thought. I remember in project 4, the teacher said tone of voice is really important. So, I always need to consider that in every design stage.
If I have time, I think I will continue the project 3: weather. Because, when I use xd to finished project street art. I think the xd can achieve my thought. I can make my project 3 in xd and to give the target audience to test.


Summary my project 0 projects, I think I have a biggest problem is the communication part is weak. So, I have improve this in my next four projects. Besides that, the time management is my disadvantage. I cannot finished completely in project 3. I have to finish it during my free time. Also, the project 1, we need to design a persona and user modeling and experience journey, these three because I don’t really understand what is the relationship and difference in these three. So, I waste a lot of time.

However, I think my advantage is that using resource is efficient. And I can use library materials, also, because I have learned graphic design in undergraduate stage. So, I comprehend knowledges of typography and layout. Finally, I think I am good at communicate with classmates. It helps me gain more feedback and opinions in order to improve my design work.  

In the future, at first, the time management is an important for me to plan in every project. Second, I need to really understand every project and professional language meaning before start a work. Third, when design every project, I need to consider “interact” and  “communication”. I think these two words are the core in every project.

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