Gary Wolf – The quantified self

From his TED lecture, I realize the technology has changed the way of our thought. At the begin of his talk, he tells the audience his a series of his personal data. These data just can be recorded from a small electronic chip. It can record our health, our heartbeats and other things. However, people use data just to show. In his mind, he thinks the personal data like a mirror. It reflects yourself in order to improve yourself. I think the core of this lecture is to let me use data to reflect myself information and then to tell the target audience if it is clear to understand.

Nicholas Felton- Felton

From his lecture, his ideas are using the photo to document data. His target audience is the general public, so, he needs to express his data more clear. He thinks data can become a creative material and make a beautiful object. His annual report project has an interesting thing is that he can use a camera to record and document and then try and aggregate in order to communicate and express his data visualization work. I think I have to learn this technique to increase my own data work collection skills. Categorical stories are new things for me, in my own data work, I try to think about 10 category contents. It is really helpful.

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