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Second thought:


Brief Story:
Nowadays, many young people use mobile phones more and more frequently. Mobile phones have become a connected device for people. Mobile phones are compact and easy to carry. People increasingly rely on mobile phones to behave in all aspects. For example, I spend one hour to two hours every time I go to the toilet because I used mobile phone software to send a message to watch a video made me forget how much time it took. I know this has a terrible effect on my health, but I rely on my mobile phone so that every time I go to the toilet. There is no way to put down the mobile phone. So, I want to tell young people how much mobile phone influences our activity behaviour by using toilet time and using the mobile phone.
Target audience: Young people


I refined some points that what I want to visual.

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

Visual process

First research:
Second research:
Third research: Book: Information Graphics (in Winchester School of Art library)

These black points show the time list. I arrange them in one timetable. So, I think about how to use it by using toilet paper sheet to show.
Then, on the right of the picture, I test it but I also found problems: when I use sheets to explain the time. However, it is too long. Some part I have 2 hours, so I need to draw 8 sheets. It is not clear to let people understand easily. I need to think of a new method to express.

First thought:

So, finally, I just use the toilet paper shape. It is better than the paper sheet.
Some of the paper rolls are less. I have to explain why it is less. Also, in my data, I document different toilet locations.

I also record the emotion and body feeling, but they don’t affect me a lot. So, I just draw beside the timetable. I get inspiration from the experience journal. So, I cannot put two data in one frame. So, I use a method that one uses colour points and the other one uses lines.


Second thought:

I want to use a poster to express. On my poster, I don’t want to put too many data. I want to use campaign language and graphic shape to make a poster. I get inspiration that emoji. The emoji shape is related to social media. I think it is a good idea to explore.


Image source:
Other research:


Redesign first thought:

From crits, I got some feedback about how to improve my design work.

I rethought my thoughts, I saw my first thoughts before, I wanted to separate the elements of battery and toilet paper, and I put the elements of the electric wave of the battery in the phone. On the poster, I stuck out toilet paper, and each bending point was the time of each use of the toilet. Under the toilet paper, there is a grid pattern of battery fluctuations. This pattern represents the time spent using the mobile phone in the toilet. Each coloured grid represents 15 minutes. I think I will print in a1 size.

Redesign Second thought:

An additional thought:
(Third thought)

I thought I can design a publication about my topic it can communicate the audience to understand my thought. In my data, some data why I use a short time is because my phone doesn’t have any quantity of electricity. I set a small scenario that if I just have 20% of electricity what can we do. I use language in a publication like AI robot language.

Video link:


Final Exhibition:

First data visualization:

Second data visualization:


Third data visualization:

This project let me have a new sight about how to use visual language to show data. I design three data visualization in different ways. The first one is an infographic. The second one is a poster and then I refine the poster element to make a wallpaper. The third one is the installation because I think I can add installation to decorate my two posters. It can motivate people to see what I want to express. I put it in my toilet and then record the video. These three data visualization, I want to integrate it into my design work in an interactive way.

In this project, I am able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the complexities of your creative work and ways in which ideas and issues can be communicated through your chosen media. Also, the practices in this project I have the test, document and display in the public space. It is a big challenge for me.

The difficulty I encountered in this project is that I need to combine two data to express one concept. I am self-critical with regard to my work again and again from every tutorial in order to development. But through many data I recorded, I can solve this problem very well. Also, I really enjoy designing this project, because unlike the brief of the previous semester, in this semester, we need to have our own ideas and create our own designs based on our own ideas.


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