Lev Manovich article

The writer summary some important points to let me understand clearly. About the information visualization, I see on his article, he introduce Felton’s design work. I really like his Elemental project. He used 3D model and in the buttom of right corner. It has a visual about the effect data. He communicate people with strong impact.

However, in his article, he want to tell about how to show the data effectively. I think that is what I want to learn. The meaning, colour, font choosing, layout and frame are all have relationship.

Aaeron Siegel’s video “Making Visible the Invisible”

From his lecture, I found that the data visualization not just using traditional method. I also can use abstract content. His diet project makes me have a deep memory. I think this method also have data. People can have their own expression. However, he have many history about the data visualization.  

From 2D to 3D he shows a lot of example to tell people what is data visualization. How we can show our data. It is very interesting that using different elements or materials to work out our data.

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