The first interesting is the publication of the climate in Eco-Visionaries. This work let me think about my own work because his design work used an experimental publication method. Every page has a connection feature. It tells people a story about our natural with climate. This publication gives me a lot of new inspiration about how to display my design work. it breaks the traditional publication layout. Using the illustration description of the background. It is very nice to let me have more thoughts.

The second interesting work is about different position have their own colour. This work is located in Tate. From my own view, I think everything has two sides. Also, I want to use this method in my own work if it is necessary. When I stand on the image right, I will see the white circle and when I stand on the left, I will see the black circle. This method can communicate the audience to think the work in a deep way and the audience want to see closely. It looks like revealing and concealing and then gives me another method to express the work such as pop up book.

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