Future Mundane talk by Nick Foster

Through this speech, sum up from his three aspects:

  1. The Future Mundane is filled with background talent.
    He gives an example of the superhero, the leading character. They do not exist in the film market. But it will provide for the target audience, it is an entertainment product, science fiction. The director, he needs to think about what hero products are. The elements around the hero need to unique, so that attractive the audience slight. “Trickledown”, the audience follows the famous people behaviour to consider the structure in the future.
  2. An accretive space.
    It is a contemporary hook. He gives the audience a question: where are old staff go? He gives photos about our living quality and then people will think about how to change their living environment. So, the future Mundane will be coming. People will think in a small place will achieve a huge convenience effect. Also, the traffic jam is a big problem in the world, people want to have a virtual thing maybe a future technology to deal with this problem such as if I have a flying car. Then, brands also will provide new concepts products, brands want people to have this mind the future product will have what function.
  3. A bit broken
    The environment is critical for technology. It is a process of discussion. Some product will have a future trend. The talker shows a video about a conversation between AI talker and driver. The driver did not appreciate the convenience but always caused trouble, affecting the progress. From a person said, “sorry for the convenience”. That is a problem with how to improve the product. Many product integrity is not good. The designer wants to toward a better discipline. However, the product has a high price. If something parts on the machine are broken, people will cost not a small fee to fix it. More people cannot always offer it.

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