Before the exhibition, we had a workshop by Rodina. From her workshop, we learned what is action and we design our own action design about our topic.

1. Create what I want to show

From Rodina ppt, we have to think about what is my topic, what is my propose, and motto and then we need to try/ test our prototype in action. This is my thought.

2. Design my action

About my action, I didn’t print poster instead of I use myself as a poster, I stick the campaign language on my body, I want my audience to have a strong visual when they see what I stick.

3. Finish!!

When I finish the action design work. I really like it. I also added small cardboard to motivate people to donate money.

4. Show

We finished the design work we went to the street and show our work, it is really interesting.

5. Display my project design work

On Interim show, I saw my design work is a good method to display. The publication binding, cover and other things. I was really happy.

6. Visit other classmates work

In my opinion, this is an evaluation process. This is a good way to get inspiration from other classmates design work. From their work, I think I also can improve my design work in the future. They have a lot of ideas about their theme. Maybe we can have more show like this.

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