I have read an article about the essay film. I highlight some important point about the essay film and I can get some knowledge about my 30s film.

My storyboard

My target audience ground is young people. My storyboard is basic on my alt book tear museum. I want to build an advertisement to motivate people to come to the museum and store their tear in this museum. And then let people forgive and forget their sadness memory. Out of sadness, try to make friends. good friends will make you forget the sadness. So, in my film I have two parts in my film, one half is sad one half is trying to find friends. They will help you forget the sad memory easily.

This is what I want to express that using a different view. The pencil draft is beginning thought. Then I develop about the content because I think in the 30s the content need to clear and simple. In my initial thought, I just follow the first storyboard and continue the video work. I want to use bad TV / Old TV to express my story.

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