Primary research:

First thought: (give up)

Research: Maria Svarbova

Rethink new topic

Second thought

Inspiration (key research)

I get inspiration from one of my huge research is that broken museum. It uses a different way to store the memory.

Basic on the Will and Will workshop. The shape of the water drop and the broken ship museum idea. The tear museum is a good point that I can explore. So, I write down a new brainstorming and start again.


From this thought, “I hope that through every story, the parties can let go of their past, find another way to commemorate, and let the readers face each other sincerely.” The Tears Museum is not just for the sad person, it is just another store of tears memories In this form, here is also a warm existence that contains tears.


I got inspiration from broken ships website story and then I also do the same things, interview and collection the young people cry moment.

Publication (choose stories topic)

Publication effect research:

I get inspiration from this design work. ” Son Emirali produces a beautiful tribute to his local London newsagents” He using a method that revealing and concealing to let people have to interact experience. 
I want to use this method to deal with my concept. And about one story, I will use teller’s representative to show the story.



Test (first draft)


About the grids, at first, I choose 4*4 to plan my publication stories concept. However, when I test the grids in Indesign, I increased the grids from 4*4 into 4*7.

layout example

First Draft flatplan:

First draft record video:

Second draft flatplan:

I change the colour and then I finish the whole stories.

Third draft:

Photo Cover:

Final draft (Flatplan):

Final Original photo


Cover jacket

Because it is a museum of tears, I want my cover to feel like a museum display. I want people to have a retro and nostalgic style when they get this book.

I get inspiration from a museum painting display method.

Final outcome:

Final (Exhibition)

Other workshops:

We also have an interim show and we also meet Rodina.

Project 2 is a challenge for me. I studied graphic design when I was an undergraduate, and I also did publications. However, this project I have to broke the traditional publication making. I need to have a new side with designing publishing that let people interact with the book. In this project, I choose water theme, I found that water is a huge theme. I change my thought after the first tutorial because I think my first thought is too abstract. The Will and Will workshop, the shape of the water drop and research of the broken museum gives me a new idea. tear museum. What I want to show and how to interact audience.

This process of self-criticism is very important to me because I know where my problem is and how I should correct it. The short back is that I think my time management is not very good. If there is more time, I believe I will make the book better. Then, the skill of bringing together new and previously acquired skills in the realisation of my work. Finally, I think I have achieved the purpose of the project. I consider paper stocks being used, typeface and I also have tested the grids and framework.

I really like those two workshops. I really enjoy these two workshops. Will and Will let me have some inspiration and Tracey let me learned the knowledge of manual binding carefully. Also, Rodia’s workshop let me know how to show our artwork with behaviour. I really enjoy this project because the knowledge in this project fills some of my weakness part in graphic design.


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