The purpose of this project is creating a visual essay in the form of a film that demonstrates critical approaches to our alt book topic.
Project 3 explores the topic from the Project 2 alt book.
Because of the COVID-19, I cannot go out, I stay in the house every day. So, I used my phone to record what I do every day. I edited these videos and named REPETITIVE LIFE. I also read some article about how to cope with living alone in self-isolation.
These two things give me a lot of inspiration to relate my project 3. 

Easter break

In this break, I just read some articles and some research that shared from the teacher. I have no idea what style I really want to do. I did a lot of research to let me have inspiration.

The Essay Film
Timothy Carrigan

I also analyze some video style, I select some of my favourite style that I want to test in my own remix film.

I also record my daily life to do some creative things.



From this video, I also have a feeling about sad, alone. I think it is a good start point that explores project 2.

From this website, I read some people who share their story, their feeling and then I try to put this emotion in my project.


Timetable Plan and Note

At first, I have thought about what story I want to tell people who are my target audience. I have two thoughts, but I need to select which one is best.

Thought Decision:


I really like this research about how to express the brand feature. So, I think I can try to make this style to my own work. The glitch style is what I want to design.

adidas GLITCH | 2018 brand film

AWGE Webpage: I have research that a glitch background that what I want to continue. Because I think it can express the emotion about sad.


First storyboard draft:

I draw a draft, but the effect is not very good. So, I added and edited some frames.

Second storyboard draft:


next 5s-6s

Original video:


Elements moving:

5~6s Video:

Third 5s-6s

First thought:

Second thought:

How to show the sad person inner word language? I got an idea from a type of Chinese comments. People can sent their comments and opinion on the screen while they watching a show. I want to add some sentences about people question and deny by themselves at the back of the people face.

I will research from social media and I also will interview why they feel said and how their friend help them break this trouble. Also, I post a #topic on the social media I get some comments and feedback on that platform. Because it is suitable for my theme. 

30/04/2020 Tutorial

Rethink storyboard (Decision)

I went back to the storyboard and rethought what style is suitable for my film. Because of the first and second storyboard have too many effects they did not look like in the same film.

Glitch Research:

I got inspiration from glitch research. In the video, the shape combined with the audio. That is what I want to do.


Because my new storyboard is based on the start frame, I started to modify the previous layout and style from the second part.

Before the tutorial, I know what style I want, but I have no idea about continuing my six frames. I get some inspiration from Rose Menkman glitch effect. I found that I also can use graphic shape to express my thought. So, I added this element in my film design work.


Glitch effect:

14/05/2020 Tutorial

Final digital storyboard:
The background music I choose hand drum because its voice feature is slow. It can echo with the film visual. It can let people immersive in the film world and think deeply.
This voice I use it at the beginning of the film because I want to create an effect of TV boot.
This voice is really important, it is the turning point of two emotional changes. Also, it expresses that person in the dark world cannot get away. The idea in this person’s heart is very complicated.

Final work

Through this project, I have learned how to make a film. Because COVIN-19, I cannot go outside. However, this is a good chance that I can have serious timetable management. In my room, I found that there are also have a lot of things to do. I can also have inspiration and do creative work. I record my everyday activities and edit my film. Research online and read the article about this project that how to make a film.

I think in this project I have self-critical with regard to my work. Also, I bring together new and previously acquired skills in the realisation of my work. The skill of managing my own learning and work independently with confidence.

There is also have some short back about my film. I found that I cannot express my film language very well. At first, I tried to add the language in the middle of the film because I was afraid that people misunderstand. However, the language was not what I want to express and it also influences my whole film effect. So, I deleted it. But, it let me reflect myself about my writing skill. I have to improve this part.

Finally, though the video is not perfect, I am very satisfied with the final presentation of the video and the process of making this project. The process from research to experimentation to the determination of the storyboard is a weakness in my undergraduate years. I was escaping every time. But in this process, I enjoyed the process very much. I think that this time my process is very rich. My record of life, interviews and reading news are all essential for me to perfect this project.


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