Final Project

• Journey map
• Packaging
• Video
• All experiments process (Video)

Journey Map




All experiment process

EXPERIMENT 1: I find that facial language cannot equal emotion
EXPERIMENT 2: I found that imitate emoji also need some material to assist
EXPERIMENT 3: I found that I also need to use it in real life.
EXPERIMENT 4: I think if all people wear this it will look like a template emotion. Everyone will look like a robot. Get visual.
EXPERIMENT: I found some same feature elements in real life.

Process (June-August)


Thanks to Stefan’s the happy film for giving me inspiration that he bringing experiments to real life in a different way. So, I brought my tools to real social communication to meet different people in different scenarios.

When I saw other people use these I found that if everyone uses it. It will look like a template and the face will look like a robot. therefore, I got my visual language: machine tools and then I use illustration to describe it.

Independent study (August)

Develop material tools


I want to make my introduction video more playful. I get inspiration from this video. It talks about Beauty products. The concept is similar to my project. Also, I think this style is suitable for my packaging. I try to use this method to combine my experiment process.

Corie Mcgowan

Storyboard plan:


Because I need to make my video has more elements. So, I add C4D elements and then put them at the begin of the video.

Packaging + Video

I redesign packaging layout and then I put these elements into video.

Packaging shape

screen print

Journey map

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