About me

I am studying the MA communication design at Winchester School of Art. Meanwhile, I also spent my undergraduate life in this college, which focus on deeply study graphic design program. To view my undergraduate projects, please visit: 


My projects mainly reflect the different expressions of graphic arts in various fields. I started to consider this problem by studying the graphic designer of Paula Scher. I explored the research issues through the frequent practice of different topics and the discussion with a professional teacher to improve the ability of my design.

The main direction of my recent main major is to focus on audience communication. There is no doubt that creates a successful commercial brand, it doesn’t only need me to understand the graphic expression, but also the integration of information technology. In contrast, current projects let me understand how to satisfy the demand of the target audience and how to create own uniqueness. For my MA projects, please visit this website

I am good at publication design, video editing, visual production of web pages and apps and digital illustrations. These skills allowed me to clearer and better understand how to promote a brand and create a brand effect, also inspired me to connect with the target audience by a brand background story. Although I have no work experience. I hope to use these skills to provide the best experience for my customers and immediately satisfy customer’s demands. Otherwise, I have the best self-creation skills and teamwork skills, these soft skills can help me join the teamwork immediately.

Here is my email address: